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Welcome to Iberus, Spanish Quality Horses. International Agency of the Iberian Horse, we are specialists in the PRE, PSL and Andalusian horse.

Our work began in 2015 with the first Spanish horses sold to Europe. Later, expanding our market to countries like Russia, America, Australia or Arabia. The goal of our business is to help everyone find the type of Iberian horse they want. We have horses ranging from cheap prices to the most exclusive PRE FEI dressage horses in Spain. When you are an IBERUS client, your wish is our priority. If you dream of a special type of horse, let us know! We can help you find it.

We have a wide variety of horses available, in which the main characteristic is their mind, they are horses with good character and for any rider. We offer horses for leisure and amateur level up to GP level dressage horses. Our goal is to find PRE horses and Lusitano horses with good natural abilities and well trained, well bred to get the best out of them for selection to breed and compete at high levels with them.
The qualities of the Iberian horses are beauty, with a very good physique, long hair and a calm, versatility since their use can be from dressage, leisure, morphological competition to jumping and they are horses for a wonderful mind.

As each client is different and looks for different qualities in the horse, we work with the best stables and riders in Spain to be able to present and offer the perfect horse. In our continuous search for horses, we discard many of them as they do not meet the requirements we need to present them to our clients. All the horses we offer are try by our team of riders.

All our horses are not published on the web or social networks as sometimes we prefer to show the client the horses that suit what he is looking for.

If you are interested in buying an Iberian, PRE, PSL or Andalusian horse, whether for leisure or dressage, do not hesitate to contact us.

Horses for Sale

All our horses are not published on the web or social networks as sometimes we prefer to show the client the horses that suit what he is looking for.

Get to know the different horses that we have for sale, access each individual file to know the technical characteristics of each horse.

How we work

We know that buying a horse from another country and from a distance creates many doubts and concerns. That is why we will accompany you in each process until you are sure that you have chosen the perfect horse for you. We adapt to your needs. You can travel and try different horses. We organize the visit and we will advise you which airport to travel to or where to stay if you need it or we also make many online sales, we will send you all the videos and photos you need as well as all the documentation of the horses.


We will arrange a background investigation for your chosen horse in accordance with your wishes. We have a list of trusted veterinarians or you can use your own vet for the pre-purchase exam. It can be done from a basic clinical examination to a complete examination with x-rays and analysis.


Once you have chosen your horse and it has passed the veterinary examination, we will organize transport to your stable. We work with professional companies and we will send you information about them and various budgets so that you can choose who your horse will travel.
«Horses teach us about respect, hard work, dealing with disappointment and, of course, about love»

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